ownpaste, a personal pastebin application

Author:Rafael Goncalves Martins
Source code:https://hg.rafaelmartins.eng.br/ownpaste/

ownpaste is a pastebin web application, designed to be used as a personal/private pastebin.

This project is motivated by the difficulty of maintain a public pastebin service nowadays, without time expiration and heavy spam filters. This is the reason why services like http://paste.pocoo.org/ are shutting down.

A simple private pastebin application, that you can run by yourself, that provides a nice RESTful API, allowing the creation of cool clients, and that can highlight your files nicely, without the risk of get offline tomorrow due to spam issues looks like a nice idea in this current scenario.

ownpaste uses the Flask web framework (and some of its extensions), the Pygments syntax highlighter and a few other well-known Python libraries.

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